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See you another time?

Statium is now a newsletter… for a French audience.
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Analyzing Marcus Thuram's Analytics Profile

StatsBomb explains why Thuram is a great promise for the future.
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France - Germany: Home Sweet Home

Rule No.1: France always wins when hosting. Rule No.2: Germany always wins in the end. The rules of Fight Club made more sense...
We take a look at the effect of playing at home, historically and comparing different competitions, and tell you what it means for France's chances against Germany in the Euro 2016 semi-finals.
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Euro 2016: Surprises and New Expectations

Gareth Bale vs Predictions: 1-0
We take a look back at the group stage of the Euro 2016, see what were the biggest surprises and give our predictions for the knockout stage.
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Euro 2016 Week One: Predictions v. Reality

Italy has a plan, Germany is ready. Obviously.
We do a quick run down of what went right and what were the biggest surprises of this first week and update our predictions before Week 2.
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And the Winner of the Euro 2016 will be....

Just some crazy talk about France, Spain and England having better chances than Germany. Nonsense.
We used our ranking and crunched the numbers to give you for each team the odds of winning the Euro 2016.
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A First Look at Football Predictions for the Euro 2016

Friendlies don't count! Or so say the losers...
As the teams finish preparing for the Euro 2016, we take a first look at updated ratings and football predictions using our StatiumElo ranking system.
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Rating National Football Teams and Predicting the Unpredictable

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How you will learn to stop worrying and love the odds
We have been working on our own rating system for national football teams. You may be surprised about the result but give us a chance and we'll try to convince you it's working.
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It's All about the Goal Difference

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Goals are important in football, right? Well, it's almost that simple...
We take a look at the relationship between goal difference and number of points earned in the Premier League, the Ligue 1 and the other major European championships.
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More Women's World Cup Predictions

Where we tell you who will (maybe) win the World Cup.
After predicting the group stage with some success, we move on to our forecast for the knockout rounds.
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Our Bets for the Women's World Cup

Where we try to predict the World Cup's group stage and most likely fail...
Trying to predict results in football is a risky business, but we'll give it a shot anyway!
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